C·H·C Fashion

CHC Fashion is an internationally active fashion supplier specialising in contemporary accessories.

Made-to-last quality, constant innovation and responsible production are at the heart of our corporate philosophy. 



High quality accessories are the core of our business. Our product range offers ladies- men’s- and kids belts, always corresponding to the latest international trends.  




In our production, we pay special attention to sustainability. 85% water reduction and 50% lower power consumption compared to conventional belt production. We use only vegetable-tanned leather for the manufacture of our belts.


As a high-end product we offer olive tanned leather belts. European skins, European tanning with extracts from olive leaves and a German production make a sustainable product.

Your Partner C·H·C-Fashion

For more than a decade CHC fashion operates as a reliable and efficient full service partner in the textile industry. With a deep understanding of the business we can offer great customer service including short-term appointments at our offices in Düsseldorf or Lichtenau.